In Conquer Life’s Frontiers, Dr. Spero Lappas shows his readers how to put a stop to frustration and forfeit and urges them to claim their own individual Personal Renaissance of happiness and satisfaction. Dr. Lappas writes in a clear and entertaining style, using a unique blend of history, philosophy, mythology, and literature to help his readers explore their own lives and make choices that lead to a Personal Renaissance of greater happiness, deeper meaning, and brighter fulfillment. He draws examples from his own journeys from poverty to success and then from incompleteness to fulfillment to help the reader learn from someone who has resolved to live a life of daring and aspiration – and succeeded!

The Philosophy of Individual Fulfillment which the subtitle promises contains a detailed, original, and concrete, step-by-step action plan.

Conquer Life’s Frontiers is never preachy or didactic. Instead, from cover to cover, it is an enjoyable and fascinating reading experience – fun to read, engaging, and easy to follow.

Testimonials and customer reviews confirm that Conquer Life’s Frontiers appeals to all kinds of readers: those who have read a thousand personal development books, and those who have never read a single one – until now. One reviewer compared it to “having a long conversation with a good friend.” Another called it “an inspirational ‘must read’ for anyone striving to live a life of purpose and meaning.”

Are you living your most authentic life? Or is there some nagging inadequacy that keeps you from your own personal completeness? Let Spero T. Lappas show you how to put a stop to frustration and forfeit, and claim the individual fulfillment that is waiting for you – once you learn how to seize it and LIVE!