No matter how much fame, fortune, or notoriety we attain, we have failed if we’re not pursuing our passion and living out our calling and destiny. Spero T. Lappas will take you on a journey of discovery that will lead you to where you are meant to be and who you are meant to become.

Jim Stovall
New York Times Bestselling Author of The Ultimate Gift

When I started reading Dr. Spero T. Lappas’ book, I was reminded of author Ben Sweetland’s statement, “Life is a journey and not a destination.” Everyone at times has great ideas, but as Dr. Lappas points out, it is the action that brings results from those ideas. Conquer Life’s Frontiers is a guide to a better life. I encourage you to read this book and I promise, you will treasure what you learn as you read.

Don Green
Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation
Author of Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill

In Conquer Life’s Frontiers, Dr. Spero Lappas teaches us how to create our personal Renaissance as if it were a work of art. No wonder! He walked away from a career of position, prestige, and power in order to find a deeper and more meaningful form of success. What are you doing with your life right now? It doesn’t matter if you dig ditches, compose symphonies, or save lives. Conquer Life’s Frontiers will show you how to discover and embrace your True Self. This book should be required reading for every man and every woman who wants to learn how to blaze a personal trail to individual fulfillment.

Mitzi Lee Trostle
Senior Executive, Public Media
Development Expert, Nonprofit Enterprises

If you’re ready to take control, shake off the past, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Conquer Life’s Frontiers will show you the way!”

Greg S. Reid
New York Times bestselling author of Stickability
Co-author of Three Feet From Gold

Spero Lappas is concerned with helping readers gain from the lessons he and his fellow philosophers and action-masters know so well. Conquer Life’s Frontiers is more than a self-help book. It is a guide to a better life.

Dr. Charles Kupfer
Associate Professor of American Studies and History
Author of Indomitable Will